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Educational resources and a helpful app for people living with asthma and their healthcare providers.

This information is not medical advice. Always talk to your healthcare provider before making any change to your asthma medication or how you take it.

Asthma Management App

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Download an app designed to help you manage your asthma and asthma medications.
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PODCAST: A Normal Active Life with Asthma

An informative interview with Dr. Sacha Bhinder, a Toronto-area respirologist, who shares the fundamentals of asthma and asthma control for patients, parents and caregivers. Dr. Bhinder explains how daily anti-inflammatory medication to control asthma can help people with asthma live symptom-free, normal active lives.

Educational Videos

Taking Control of Your Asthma

Understanding the importance of asthma symptom control with daily inhaled corticosteroid controller therapy

Using Your Inhaler with a Spacer

Learn how a spacer can help your inhaler to deliver inhaled medication more effectively to control asthma

What is Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. Learn about the factors that can affect asthma and how it can be well controlled.

Inhaled Asthma Medications

Good asthma control can be achieved with inhaled asthma medications. Corticosteroid controller medications are taken every day to control asthma inflammation. Reliever medications work quickly and are taken to treat asthma symptoms when they appear.

How to Use Metered-Dose Inhaler Medications

Learn about proper technique to get the most benefit from your metered-dose inhaler medication.

Good Asthma Control

Good asthma control means having no asthma symptoms. Controlling asthma inflammation and asthma triggers can help you to achieve good asthma control.

What is an Asthma emergency?

Learn about the signs of an asthma emergency and the role of your Asthma Action Plan in dealing with an asthma emergency.

Asthma and Food Allergy

Learn about the importance of good asthma control in children who also have a food allergy.

What is Oral Immunotherapy?

Excellent asthma control is very important for patients considering oral immunotherapy for a food allergy.

The Importance of Compliance in Maintaining Asthma Control